Virginia Farms Family

Asturias Farms

Virginia Farms Inc., together with its sister company, Asturias Farms Inc., employs good animal husbandry practices with high regard on animal welfare and minimal environmental impact with a goal to achieve a “zero waste” operation.

Being the biggest employer in the town of Asturias, Cebu, the company also envisions to become an economic growth driver by helping lift the livelihood of the people in the community through employment and other community projects that spur enterprise development.

Virginia Slaughterhouse and Meat Plant

The 3,000 square meters slaughterhouse and meat plant is the most recent investment of Virginia Farms, Inc. which was inaugurated in October 8, 2019.

The modern slaughterhouse facility and meat plant is equipped with European machineries and technology that will ensure the delivery of high-quality products. It is a certified Triple A facility by the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) and observes Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to assure delivery of products that is guaranteed safe for consumers.

The slaughterhouse can accommodate up to 1,000 heads per day at a processing rate of 100 heads per hour. It will be exclusive for Virginia Farms for the first few months of its operation until a stable system is established. Once that is achieved, the facility will offer its services to other companies.

The Pork Shop

Seeing an opportunity for a consumer brand that will help the company realize its vision of delivering quality meat products, Virginia Farms Inc. ventured into the retail business in 2008 and established The Pork Shop by Virginia.

The Pork Shop serves fresh chilled pork cuts, processed pork products (ready-to-cook), poultry products and other farm produce from Asturias Farms.

The first outlet opened in Banilad, Cebu City and has since continuously expanded across major cities Cebu and now in Iloilo.

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Virginia Farmers Solution

To support the continuous expansion of The Pork Shop, the company started a new venture in 2017, which aims to tap independent swine farmers as external partners for growers and breeders. The company was named Virginia Farmers Solutions.

Virginia Farmers Solutions (VFS) partners with other farmers as contract growers or contract breeders. Under the partnership, the partner farms will provide for the facilities and management of the hogs while VFS will supply the piglets and breeders, nutrition and technical services, logistics and an assured market for the hogs.

More than a business, VFS was established as the company’s way of giving back to the community by sharing their expertise and the technology they have developed over the last 50 years to small and start-up farmers.

That way, they help these farmers achieve a sustainable business and in the process help in the economic development especially in the country sides where small farmers are located by creating jobs for the locals.