Virginia Feeds Super Papremyo!


Promo Period: June 1 to December 27, 2021

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. R7-Ceb 371, Series of 2021


1. The VIRGINIA FEEDS RAFFLE PROMO is June 1 to December 27, 2021 and is open to all cash paying customers.

2. For every one (1) 50-kg or 25-kg sack purchase, the customer earns 1 raffle entry.

3. The Guaranteed Analysis Feeds Tag will serve as a raffle ticket given that he/she supplies the following details at the back of the receipt:

4. The raffle ticket is dropped in the drop boxes/bags provided by the TECHNICAL RESOURCE SPECIALIST or SALES TECHNICIAN. If needed, the customer shall be assisted on filling out the raffle ticket details.

5. Employees of Virginia Farms Inc., their immediate family members (parents, siblings and spouses) up to the second degree of consanguinity (including relatives by legal adoption) are excluded from joining the promo. All other persons connected with any of these individuals and entities are also excluded from joining the promo.


1. Deadline of submission of entries will be on DECEMBER 27, 2021 and will get a chance to win the following prizes:

VENUE: Virginia Farms Inc. Plant (M. Ceniza St., Maguikay, Mandaue City)

2. Raffle tickets will be retrieved from the drop boxes/bags by the VIRGINIA FEEDS SUPERVISOR on the following working day after the deadline of submission entries. Collected raffle tickets from all areas will be kept secure and will be brought to Virginia Farms Inc. plant office.

3. Customers can only win once. If a customer wins more than once, the prize of the higher value will be awarded to the winner. The prize of the lower value shall be raffled off again by randomly selecting another entry.

4. The Grand Draw will be held at Virginia Farms Inc. Plant Grounds. A DTI representative will be present during the raffle draw, and shall witness and attest the selection of winners.

5. The 20% tax exceeding from prizes worth Php10,000 will be shouldered by Virginia Farms. The raffle prize is non-convertible to cash and is non-transferrable. The comprehensive insurance of the vehicle unit prizes shall be shouldered by the winner.

6. The Raffle Winner of the vehicle prizes will receive the photocopy of the vehicle’s OR and CR registered under Virginia Farms Inc. when claiming the raffle prize. The original OR and CR will be released by Virginia Farms Inc. one (1) year upon claiming the raffle prize.

7. The body of the vehicle unit prizes (Yamaha NMAX and Motorstar Triwheel – Kamao) will be wrapped in promotional custom decals adhering to the brand colors of Virginia Feeds. A signed contract/MOA between Virginia Farms Inc. and the winner shall agree that the promotional decals must be fixed on the vehicle body for one (1) year upon claiming.


1. Grand Prize Winners will be notified through phone call and text message from Virginia Farms Inc. Consolation Prize Winners will be notified through call and text message after the FB Live. A notification will also be sent through registered mail after the event.

2. Grand Prize Winners claim the prize at Virginia Farms Inc. plant office, M. Ceniza St., Maguikay, Mandaue City, Cebu. Redemption period shall be within sixty (60) days from notification. If the prize is not claimed within the stipulated period, Virginia Farms Inc. reserves the right to draw another winner from the list of reserve winners with prior DTI approval. Reserve winner will be given sixty (60) days upon notification to claim the prize.

Prizes for the Consolation Prize Winners will be distributed by the Technical Resource Specialist or Sales Technician.

3. Winners will be subject for verification to assure authenticity of winning entry. Upon claiming the prize, winners are required to provide all of the following:

4. In case of lost notification, winners are required to provide all of the following:

5. Should a representative claim the prize, he/she is required to provide all of the following:

6. If there is any discrepancy between the winning entry and the documents produced for verification, the entry will be deemed as disqualified with prior approval from the DTI.

7. By participating in the raffle promo, the winner agrees to cooperate with and participate in any advertising or publicity activities of Virginia Farms Inc. relating to the draw. The winner agrees that Virginia Farms Inc. may publicize the name and photograph of the winner in such mode and manner as Virginia Farms Inc. considers fit. The winner’s name may be published on Virginia Farms Inc. website & social media channels.